Current employment agreements for the CEO and other members of executive management

Decisions as to the current remuneration levels and other conditions for employment for the CEO and the other members of the executive management have been resolved by the board of directors.

Remuneration to the CEO and other members of executive management for the 2022 financial year

NameBase salary (MSEK)Variable salary (MSEK)Other benefits (MSEK)Pension costs (MSEK)Total (MSEK)
Jon Lind, CEO*
Other members of executive management**

*) Jon Lind is no longer employed by CTEK as of 10 January 2023 and is replaced by Henrik Fagrenius as CEO as of the 1st September 2023.
**) Other executive management consists of the CEO and 7 other persons.

Agreements concerning pensions are, wherever possible, based on fixed premiums and must be in accordance with the levels, practice and collective bargaining agreements applicable in the country where the member of executive management is employed. For members of executive management domiciled in Sweden, a mutual period of notice of three to six months applies for the employee and employer.