The CEO is responsible for CTEK’s operational management and day-to-day operations in accordance with the Board’s instructions to the CEO

The CEO is subordinated to the board of directors and is responsible for the everyday management and operations of the company. The division of work between the board of directors and the CEO is set out in the rules of procedure for the board of directors and the CEO’s instructions. The CEO is also responsible for preparing reports and compiling information from the executive management for board meetings and for presenting such materials at the board meetings.

According to the instructions for the financial reporting, the CEO is responsible for the financial reporting in the company and consequently must ensure that the board of directors receives adequate information to be able to continuously evaluate the company’s financial condition.

The CEO must continuously keep the board of directors informed of developments in the company’s operations, the development of sales, the company’s results and financial condition, liquidity and credit status, important business events and all other events, and circumstances or conditions which can be assumed  to be of significance to the company’s shareholders.